Saturday, November 14, 2009


Advanced research and developments in semiconductor electronics is ramping up its applications in every stream of life. Once the TVs looked like big cubical boxes, which was heavy and large in size. Today we talk about thin “Plasma” or “LCD” display screen, which are about 25mm in thickness, also there is a buzz about LED TVs even though they are not released commercially yet all over the world.
The technology incorporated in LED TVs can have revolutionary impact as the power consumption is expected to reduce drastically compared to its predecessors. Actually LED TVs work on same principle as well known LCD display TVs, but in the former LEDs are used to light the screen instead of conventional incandescent source.
There are two different ways to light up screen, it can be lit either from back or from side (Edge). Both these techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. If the screen is lit from backside then we can get highly effective contrast in pictures with compromise on thickness...

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