Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blackberry or iPhone?...

Blackberry is a business device trying hard to appeal and popularize itself, while iPhone appears to be the present generation trinket clamoring for corporate acceptance. Its hard to compare these, as with every other feature one appear to be out shadowing the other. Both exhibit their excellence in some features and falters in some other. Which one to go for completely depends on what their personal lifestyle demands. Here are few points in which Blackberry holds an upper hand over iPhone.
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Is Yahoo-Microsoft deal a real threat to Google?

The speculative journey of Yahoo-Microsoft deal is finally concluded, when two companies announced a partnership in Internet search and advertising to take on industry powerhouse Google. There is lot of skepticism about whether the this partnership can have strong impact on Google's dominance.

Even with the deal it appears very difficult for Yahoo-Microsoft to wean people away from Google's simple white search engine. If they fail to build larger audience base then it will definitely hit the major revenue source through Ads tied with searches.

Last year Microsoft rated 3rd in search market bid $47.5 billion to buy Yahoo, rated 2nd in search market. Finally Microsoft withdrawn the offer, this led to lot of soul searching in Yahoo and replacement of its co-founder.

Under this agreement Microsoft will provide the underlying search technology on Yahoo's popular websites. This deal is expected to boost recently launched Microsoft search engine Bing,
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Will 3G meet consumer expectations?!!

By Sandeep S C, 30th July 08

The ever growing demand for richer and sophisticated applications on mobile cell phone has greatly influenced the exponential growth in wireless communication. Even before the penetration of 2.5G in to the rural market already urbanites are counting days for full fledged 3G network with great expectation.

Many developed countries are already functioning with full stretched wings in 3G. In India government is yet to auction the bandwidth that 3G is demanding. As 3G is having very large bandwidth compared to its predecessors, consumers are expecting much luxurious services from it, such as high speed internet, video conferencing on move, high quality picture, online streaming video & audio etc. Nearly 5% of mobile users have already upgraded themselves with 3G handsets.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

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