Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Google is Integrating HTML5 standard in mobile browser

The search engine giant Google will soon give an another reason to smile for mobile internet browsers. It is working closely with open source developers for integrating HTML5 technology in mobile browser. Google's PC based web browser 'Chrome' is also actively involved in developing HTML5 standard which aims to provide powerful web applications to web browser without need for proprietary plug ins. The HTML5 is expected to take user experience to completely new level with richer and faster applications on internet.

Google is focusing on mobile application as mobiles market growth in India is considered to be the fastest in the world and also its emerging as major device for people to connect to web. There is also a huge potential

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  1. OGGTV is already a HTML5 mobile video site in 2009. The new OGG-video usage on mobile devices, will be a great combination with the FCC and net neutrality.

    OGGTV is available to Android mobile users, and other HTML5 mobile devices, (HTML5 mobile video section), for early industry adoption.


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